Boneyard Art began as a quest to record the maritime imagery of coastal Maine gravestones. all started with the anchors. They were everywhere and I just couldnít believe they were all sea captains. Ok, quite a few were , but some were not.

I found one on the grave of a blacksmith who crafted many of the anchors required by the local shipbuilders. A different anchor graced the grave of a successful grist mill owner and founder of his church whose long life was noted merely with the symbol of his Civil War naval unit. And donít forget George, the unfortunate sailor who died of scurvy at home with his widowed father. George's marker also had an anchor. By then, I was hooked and wanted to know all the stories.

So, that's how I became the Boneyard Artist.

I am also known as Cathy Matero, a former librarian, now a stay-at-home mom, local-history nut, and amateur photographer. I live near the coast of Maine with my husband, son, two cats and our crazy dog. We are members of the Maine Maritime Museum and volunteer at the museum whenever we can. I am also a member of the Maine Historical Society and the New Historical Genealogical Society, both wonderful resources for local and family history research.

My Current Project

Within the realm of 19th Century American history, I have an abiding passion for the gold rush era and Maine's people and ships who set off for the California gold fields in 1849. Having identified seventeen ships that sailed for California from the port of Bath, Maine, and over 400 names of these vessels' captains, crews and passengers I have sought out and found numerous primary historical documents including cargo manifests, seamen's protection certificates, letters and journals. What began as a huge project eventually boiled down to one compelling story on which I am focusing my research and writing efforts. The Rev. Mr. Bartlett: 49er, Scholar, Heretic & Fighting Parson

Sea Stories in StoneAlthough I hope one day to publish Sea Stories in Stone, a volume of gravestone photography showcasing the local maritime history of Maine, I am under no deadline to complete this project. As time allows I will continue wandering in graveyards, photographing and researching maritime imagery. In the meantime, I am focusing on other projects.

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